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Nappy Liners Articles

Mothers Shown It's Time To Change

BEING confronted by a week's worth of dirty disposable nappies in plastic bags was enough to convert Kylie Martin to the cloth variety and biodegradable liners.

Life After Elders For All The Elliott Men

Once the bright young graduates of the Melbourne University business school, they built a firm that scaled great heights, then saw it fall to earth. A decade later the executive team that helped John Elliott turn Elders IXL into Australia's second-biggest company are scattered to the wind. The

Father Goes Too Far

CONFRONTED with the "awesome" experience of the birth of his first daughter, Kevin Harrington did what any graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and all-round Melbourne bloke would do - he turned it into a stand-up comedy routine. Nappy jokes, poo jokes, feeding jokes, t

Johnson Cuts Its Nappy Losses

The giant of baby products, Johnson & Johnson, will stop making disposable nappies from June, but environmentalists need not cheer. The company is pulling out because of decreasing profits, not because of public concern about the nappies' non-biodegradable plastic liners or the dioxins